English Language

Cetana PSB Intellis Foreign Language Center is part of PSB College, providing English courses with modern teaching methodologies, enriching Vietnamese student’s ability in acquiring a new language by bringing them to motivation and effectiveness in learning.


Courses provided at Cetana PSB Intellis Foreign Language Center base on European standard textbook published by MacMillan (UK). The objective of the courses is to help students improve and have a comfortable use of English for the purposes of study and communication. The courses are also suitable for those who want to get IELTS/TOEFL and other international certificates of English.


With teaching experiences inherited from PSB Academy- an education institution with more than 50 years of experience in education and training, Cetana PSB intellis Foreign Language Center is proud to introduce a total new set of teaching methods to Vietnamese students. After attending English courses at our center, besides the confidence in using English skills achieved within 6 weeks, students are also benefited with:

  • A firm foundation of English proficiency with an abundant range of vocabulary
  • The ability to apply English in practical situations, getting closer to a variety of career opportunities with language expertise
  • The confidence in taking English-certificate exams like IELTS and TOEFL
  • 100% native teachers from the USA, UK and Australia
  • With 100% native teachers of rich experiences in teaching and training field, enrolling students at the center will be provided with knowledge and skills under modern teaching methods in a positive learning environment conducted totally in English.
  • The provision of skills to master and apply English
  • Besides the knowledge provided during the courses, lessons at Cetana PSB Intellis Foreign Language Center are designed in ways that bring students to a variety of opportunities to interact with teachers so as to build up the confidence and enhance the use of language in practical life situations.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Upon enrolling in English courses at Cetana PSB Intellis Foreign Language Center, students are able to choose to study two courses at the same time: Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing; or choose to study separate skills to improve their English skills to the maximum in a short time. This advantage will also help students save both time and cost.
  • Studying English at a suitable pace of the relevant levels helps build up student’s confidence after every course.
  • Small class size, huge interaction
  • The number of students in every English class at Cetana PSB Intellis Foreign Language Center remains from 15 to 20, making it a good condition for teachers to maintain a high level of interaction with every single student. Thanks to that, students are able to naturally and fluently communicate, discuss and practice in English.
  • Modern teaching methods comprised from direct instruction and online practice
  • Together with study time spent under direct instruction of native teachers, students also have chance to have more practice of English through online exercises that closely follow the text book, helping students better review of what they have studied and have a deeper development of English skills outside their class.
  • Focus of individual skills
  • Lessons at Cetana PSB Intellis Foreign Language Center are designed in ways that help students develop individual skill groups: Listening & speaking and Reading& Listening. As a result, students are able to improve and develop their areas of improvement in the shortest time possible.
  • Inspiration in learning English
  • Teacher’s new teaching methods at Cetana PSB Intellis Foreign Language Center promise to bring students to both fun and excitement in learning English with lively and fascinating context of English practice.
  • Confidence with an effective use of English
  • Teaching methods at Cetana PSB Intellis Foreign Language Center does not place an importance on tips or any short term techniques to deal with English exams. Instead, the priority goal of the English courses at the center is to help students master their English by improving languages skills Listening& Speaking, Reading & Writing so that they are able to confidently engage with learning and later international working environments.
  • Fees: VND 15.000.000/course/6 weeks
  • Study time
  • Class time:                        24 hours/course
  • Online practice:               84 hours/level


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